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Charmmy Kitty is a Sanrio character that is Hello Kitty's cat. Charmmy Kitty has her own design series.


Charmmy Kitty is Hello Kitty's pet cat. She resembles Hello Kitty but has more cat-like features. Her name came from the word "Charm". Papa gave the pet to her. She doesn't have a real birthday, however her acclaimed "birthday" is October 31, 2004; the day that she was given to Hello Kitty (which is one day before Hello Kitty's "birthday" of November 1). She is a cute and very pretty white Persian with a pink lace-trimmed bow tied below her left ear, often being mistaken for Hello Kitty herself as of her similar appearance. She loves shiny and sparkly things which are said to make her happy. Her trademark is a little necklace that she wears: it holds the silver key that opens Hello Kitty's jewelry box which was given to Charmmy Kitty because of her love of shiny and sparkly things.

Charmmy Kitty has a few products that are Momoberry, Sanrio's new line of products. Charmmy Kitty is a spunky, friendly cat who is very kind and polite. Charmmy Kitty can also be sassy at times.

Charmmy also has a friend named Sugar, a white Jungalian Hamster who is Hello Kitty's pet, given by Dear Daniel, Hello Kitty's boyfriend. Sugar got his name after the color of his fur. Charmmy Kitty is often seen with Sugar because they are best friends. Charmmy also has a pink younger sister, Honeycute, who has two bows, one on each ear.


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