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Hello Kitty and Friends is a Hello Kitty anime series aired on TV Tokyo in Japan, and CBS in the United States in 1991. It also ran in reruns on Toon Disney. On the show, Kitty is a little girl living with her mother, father, and twin sister Mimmy, who is identical to Kitty but has different colored clothes and wears her bow under the opposite ear. 13 episodes were produced, using animation produced as early as 1989.



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  1. Cinderella (1989)
  2. Snow White (1993)
  3. The Circus Comes to Town (1992)
  4. The Day the Big Clock Stopped (1992)
  5. Alice in Wonderland (1993)
  6. Heidi (1993)
  7. The Dream Thief (1992)
  8. The Wonderful Sisters (1992)
  9. The Sleeping Princess (1991)
  10. The Prince in His Dream Castle (1992)
  11. Santa's Missing Hat (1992)
  12. Mom Loves Me After All (1992)
  13. The Magic Apple (1992)

DVD Contents

Fairy Tale Fantasy (Vol. 1)

Summer of Fun (Vol. 2)

Timeless Tales (Vol. 3)

Let's Be Friends (Vol. 4)

Princess Dreams (Vol. 5)

Holiday Magic (Vol. 6)

Basket of Fun (Vol. 7)

Holiday Fun (Bonus)


TV/Movie Stills


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