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Sugarbunnies is a 2007 television series featuring Sanrio characters. Sugarbunnies is about Kurousa and Shirousa, The Sanrio Character Duo, Pattisiers, who make Pastries! And also have a journey to the world of humans! Sugarbunnies also featuring Cocoa and Vanilla. Sugarbunnies live in Bunniesfield, Bunnyland.



Sugarminuet focuses on Balletusa, and Primausa, who are ballerinas. Their home is a castle made of jewels, crystals, and diamonds. As they dance together in the ballet show at Swan Lake, they also wear tiaras in different colors.

Sugarminuet Characters

Balletusa's silver tiara matches her pink fur.

Primausa's golden tiara matches her white fur.

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