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Tenorikuma (Japanese for "bears that fit in your palm") are Sanrio characters. Tenorikuma are a group of red pandas that run "Tenorikuma Cafe," which is known in their town for serving amazing coffee. There are 5 specific characters in all. The main "manager" and hardest worker is Latte, who is distinguished from the others by a heart in his left ear. He dreams of owning a cafe of his own one day, so he is saving his money to fulfill his dream. Maple, the only girl at the cafe, loves it when things are nice and clean. Macchiato is like a big brother because he is mature and reliable. Shy Frappe surprises everyone with his strength. Energetic Chai sometimes gets a little too excited and makes a mistake, but he doesn't let mistakes him down.

They are often mistaken as raccoons because of their striped tails or bears because of their rounded ears.


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